Rules of conduct on the kart track

All visitors to the karting track must comply with fairly simple, but very important, requirements for behavior on the track.

1. Before using the card, each participant is obliged to familiarize himself with the current rental rules and unquestioningly comply with them.

2. Pregnant women, children under 5 years of age, persons under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances are not allowed to ride.

3. Children under 5 years old and below 120 cm ride only accompanied by adults on a 2-seater kart.

4. Before boarding the kart, the participant is obliged to take off things that make it difficult to control the kart and violate the safety of using the machine, tuck in loose parts of clothing, and remove any hard and sharp objects from the clothing. To protect clothing from damage and contamination, participants in the race can get overalls and gloves from the track employee. The use of helmets to protect the head is mandatory.

5. Landing in go-karts is carried out with the permission of the instructor.

6. Before starting the movement, you must carefully listen to the instructions.

7. The movement is carried out only counterclockwise.

8. In the event of an emergency, you must stop and, remaining in the kart and raising your hand, wait for the instructor.

9. The instructor announces the end of the movement with a signal flag. Movement on the kart in the “pit stop” area is carried out at a minimum speed.

10. The organizers are not responsible for damage, loss of clothes and other things during the provision of services.

11. For non-compliance with the rules of operation, violation of the instructions, disrespectful or offensive behavior towards staff or other participants, the violator will be denied rental and a refund for services not received.

12. It is strictly prohibited:
– go out on the territory of the karting track without the permission of the instructor;
– touch the engine, independently start or stop the engine;
– start moving without the permission of the instructor;
– get out of the car on the track;
– deliberately create dangerous situations on the track, which may cause harm to the health of other participants, as well as damage to the property of the karting club;
– operate the kart with one hand, stick your arms and legs out of the car outside the safety cage of the kart during the race;
– while driving, take your foot off the brake pedal;
– before the end of the movement, call in at the “pit stop”;
– move against the movement;
– independently turn around on the spot.
– stop the kart on the trajectory.

13. The participant bears material and criminal liability for harm caused to the life and health of third parties, their property, as well as the property of the karting track.

14. It is forbidden to drive a kart in sandals, slippers, with a scarf or loose long hair.