Welcome to tournaments! We collect the best pilots in order to determine the best and send them to Italy for the Grand Final! Batumi Karting is a member of the international series Tbranking. Our track also hosts stages of the Georgian Karting Championship under the auspices of the Georgian Motorsport Federation GASF.

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Batumi Open Karting Championship for amateurs (Series Tranking).

Batumi Open Karting Championship for amateurs (Series Tranking).

Series Tranking Championship. 12 stages per year. The first three winners will receive a cash reward and tickets to Italy for the Tbrranking Grand Final! The prize fund is 20 000 GEL.

Restrictions: age 12+.

No professional racing licenses in the last 2 years.

The best lap time on our kart track is less than 27 seconds.

Lack of pilot registration in the Tbranding system (registration is free).

Pilots are placed on the starting grid according to qualification. The qualifying time is the best time shown by the driver during the rental session. Qualification starts the day after the last stage and ends the one hour before the start of the next one. The pilot has the right to choose in this interval any time convenient for him for the qualification. The number of qualifying attempts is not limited and everyone has the right to improve their time at their discretion. Pilots with the best 16 results are allowed to race. A prerequisite for participation is to contact an employee of Batumi Karting to fix the time shown and pay for participation fee. On the day of the race, before the start of the race, the results of the qualification are summed up and distributed into groups. 4 pilots participate in each race. Those who finish in the first two positions move on to the next stage and so on until the final.

The winner of the race receives a prize of 500 GEL, 2nd place – 300 GEL, 3rd place – 200 GEL.

Additionally, the winners of the tournament receive: 1st place – 5000 GEL, 2nd place – 2000 GEL, 3rd place – 1000 GEL and tickets to the Tbrranking Grand Final. During the race, it is necessary to strictly observe the sports rules and safety precautions. Decisions of the race director on penalties and penalties for infringements and collisions are final and not subject to appeal.

Duration of heats: ¼ final – 10 laps, ½ final – 15 laps, final – 20 laps. Distribution of karts before each race is carried out according to the principle of a lottery. For pilots weighing less than 90 kg, an advisory ballast is added to the table.

The race management has the right to cancel or reschedule the stage in case of snowfall or bad weather. In the rain, the races are held on the wet tires.