You may have noticed that we often write “our new track”. She became new for us at the end of the 2021 season. The previous track “Batumi Autodrom”, used by the BMW Drift Club, did not meet the technical capabilities of karting. The stages of the Karting Championship were not held, the track did not meet safety measures, the condition of the surface also did not allow comfortable and safe driving of the kart. So changing the roadway, repairing drainage and lighting, building pits, installing CIK FIA standard curbs and timing systems is a big step forward for our club. The karting track is located near the Airport, and the track has become really new – for the most part, a “fresh” asphalt surface has been laid, departure zones have been created and a tire fence has been installed.The length of the track is 400 meters, the direction of movement is counterclockwise. In the racing version, it is used in both directions. At the end of 2020, our club was formed and the karting track was transformed, which made it possible to hold official and amateur competitions. A telemetry system is installed on the track, anyone can see the results of the race live on their smartphone. At the end of the race, you can get a printout of the time of each lap and the best lap time. Night lighting has been installed and debugged at the karting track.

Our records

Rental karting

KartBest time​Route​Last name and first nameAge at time of record
Tbkart R15​0:24.540Counterclock-wiseKobosnidze Nika19
Tbkart R15​0:24.645ClockwiseGurgenidze Nika
Tbkart R130:26.725Counterclock-wiseIlia Bagaturia8
Tbkart R130:26.859ClockwiseIlia Bagaturia8

Sports karting

KartBest time​Route​Last name and first name​Age at time of record​
Kosmic Rookie Rotax MiniMax​0:20.314Counterclock-wiseTurmanidze AlexanderAge at time of record​
Tony Kart Rookie TM 60 Mini2
SuperMini class
0:20.252Counterclock-wise​Bagaturia Ilya7
Mini class 14/160:20.583Counterclock-wiseBagaturia Ilya7
Tbkart Bambino
Honda 35cc
0:31.758Counterclock-wiseBagaturia Nina​4

Racing line