If your child wants to learn how to drive a kart at the level of a master of sports, participate in serious competitions, and just enjoy professional driving on the track, our karting school is exactly right for you. A visit to the Karting track does not require driving skills and is great for those who want to learn the skill of driving a racing car. Children aged 5 to 12 are admitted to racing school. Children over 12 years of age are not accepted to school if they have not previously been professionally involved in karting. Children over 9 years old are accepted only with their own go-kart. For children from 5 to 8 years old, the Bambino class kart is provided for training by our school free of charge. Children showing impressive results will be sponsored to participate in the Georgian Championship.


A modern sports track with sharp turns from 8 to 12 meters - learning to drive on it is extremely interesting.


High-quality and affordable teaching of theoretical knowledge.


Modern equipment for each child, selection of a kart and the level of training load in accordance with the age and degree of training of a novice athlete.


An opportunity to reach the international level of motorsport and become a participant in world competitions.


Track with CIK-FIA safety system.


Professional karting requires great strength and endurance of the athlete, in connection with which all students are engaged in the program of General and Special physical training 3 times a week.


The newest Italian karts Bambino class. These karts differ, in addition to technical reliability and safety, in excellent handling, which is especially important at the training stage. Full control over the car from both the student and the coach.


School period:

Saturday and Sunday 10:00

Driving & Physical training


Saturday & Sunday 11:00

Driving & Physical training


Personal one-time lesson for 5-11 years old children

50 ₾


4 lessons

per month

200 ₾


12 lessons

per month

600 ₾


The duration of one lesson is 60 minutes. 1 lesson consists of a theoretical part - 15 minutes and 2 races of 8 minutes each with analysis of mistakes and adjustment of actions after each race.


Development of physical data, a sense of speed, space and dimensions.

The desire to win and achieve goals.

The ability to concentrate and predict the situation.

Safe and confident driving skills.

Teamwork skills.


Classes are led by a coach of a professional karting racing team and a certified physical education teacher.


School ServicesWheelbase 900/950Wheelbase 1040
Parking at the club (kart storage)200 ₾250 ₾
Washing and cleaning
100 ₾150 ₾
Personal locker in the locker room and use of the shower
100 ₾100 ₾
Full maintenance (without the cost of spare parts)300 ₾400 ₾
Combustible lubricants
200 ₾300 ₾
Driving training
100 ₾
150 ₾
Workouts for general physical training and special physical training100 ₾150 ₾
Logistics and consulting services for the purchase of spare parts and equipment300 ₾
300 ₾
Logistics and consulting services for the purchase Using the track in your free time from classes and rental time on your kartof spare parts and equipmentFree
Club rate700 ₾1000 ₾

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